Tuesday January 23rd 2018



Top 10 posts on mixingreality.com : March to April, 2011

Images : Leo Reynolds

No fooling, it’s been a great few weeks for us at mixingreality.  In the coming days we will be adding contributors and some reviews of curated goodies that we think you might enjoy.  In the meantime, here are the top ten posts from the last time we made a list of your favorites.  Enjoy!  And do let us know what you are mixing up, after all, reality is what you make it.

Plumen Low Energy Lightbulb Wins Brit Insurance Design of the Year Award

David Maisel Exhibits X-Ray Photographs at Haines

Zoe Keating Avant Cellist in Intel’s Share your Visual Life

Duran Duran Live Show Directed by David Lynch

Arcano Typeface Took Four Months to Design

Go Easy : National Day of Unplugging Begins Tonight

Gary Baseman Paints for Japan

Situationist iPhone App by Benrik

Happy Birthday Matthew Barney Receives Award for Persistence of Vision

Vivienne Westwood Exhibition 1980-89 at Fashion Institute of Technology NYC


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