Tuesday January 23rd 2018



The Mona Lisa 6239 dots and 9 hours later

Thomas Pavitte couldn’t find a record for the most complex dot-to-dot drawing, using the iconic Mona Lisa as his muse, he decided to set one himself.

To begin he created an A0 poster with dots numbered from 1 to 6,329, and broke down the image.



The result is a visual nod to a classic, and a mathematical riddle solved.  To document the accomplishment, he took a time lapse video of himself connecting the dots over 9 hours.

Mona Lisa – 6,239 dot to dot drawing from Thomas Pavitte on Vimeo.

Thank you Jelena for the inspiration.  Via

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  1. Dominique says:

    Which makes it even more compelling, methinks! Enjoy, Daniel.

  2. Interesting, but it looks like damned tedious work.

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