Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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Eva Hesse: A Documentary About The Most Famous Artist »

Eva Hesse: A Documentary About The Most Famous Artist You Never Heard Of

In 1970, Eva Hesse died of brain tumors at the the height of her art career.  She was 34 years old.  In her wake, she left behind one of the most remarkable bodies of work by a twentieth century artist.  After her death, the Guggenheim Museum gave her a five-year retrospective, and filled the famous space with her work. Not generally [...]

James Kerr AKA Scorpion Dagger Turns Animated GIFS »

“I like the idea of these people bumbling around the world and having fun, and not taking life too seriously.” At first, I was just looking for images without copyrights on them! It was maybe a few months into Scorpion Dagger when I realized that I kept going back to the Renaissance art, and started thinking that maybe there was something [...]

Kickstarter Project of the day : Girl Walk // All Day »

This Kickstarter Project has me falling all over it : a 71-minute dance music video directed by Jacob Krupnick, and set to All Day, the new album by mash-up musician Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis). This album-length piece will feature a talented group of dancers across a range of public and private spaces around New York City, turning the [...]