Thursday February 22nd 2018



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The Neglect of a Loved One: Back to MixingReality »

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you.  Whether it's getting to the taxes that you filed an extension for, touching up the roots on your do, or finally getting the house painted after many years of hemming and hawing about costs and colors...time marches on. So with no excuses, only time passing, I am back to my blog here at [...]

Tesla in action. »

Tesla in action.

   Had my first Tesla siting recently.  Not surprisingly it was on the 101 going south through Marin County, California...lots of green there.  And you can take that any way you want!

Thoughts on Pushing Fashion Boundaries in an Era »

Thoughts on Pushing Fashion Boundaries in an Era Without

  Feeling that you are on multiple channels, and not understanding anything clearly, seems to be a condition of modern life, and each of us deals with it differently.   From an article in the NYTimes