Thursday February 22nd 2018



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James Kerr AKA Scorpion Dagger Turns Animated GIFS »

“I like the idea of these people bumbling around the world and having fun, and not taking life too seriously.” At first, I was just looking for images without copyrights on them! It was maybe a few months into Scorpion Dagger when I realized that I kept going back to the Renaissance art, and started thinking that maybe there was something [...]

José Parlá and the language of his art : Walls, »

José Parlá and the language of his art :  Walls, Diaries, and Paintings is his latest…

  from the interview : “The title of the show is Walls, Diaries, and Paintings, and it’s the first solo show in NY since I did Layered Days in 2008. My work has always been influenced by my earliest days painting on walls, and by my paying attention to walls and what happens to them. In history you can see that walls have always [...]