Tuesday January 23rd 2018



Steve Jobs : Health & Hope

I knew Steve Jobs in the 90’s.  It was before he went back to Apple.  He was involved with NeXT and Pixar, a new  marriage and starting a family.  He was also visioning the next phase in his life…and little did I know how deeply that would affect me and the way many of us would consume and organize our media, our businesses and our ilives.  Of course, I was saddened to hear that his health is still an issue.  And, like many, I paused to wonder at the fate of his beloved Apple, and also, why so many of us think about it and care so much.

Andy Crouch’s article, A World Without Jobs hits the nail on the head:

This is the gospel of a secular age. It has the great virtue of being based only on what we can all perceive—it requires neither revelation nor dogma. And it promises nothing it cannot deliver—since all that is promised is the opportunity to live your own unique life, a hope that is manifestly realizable since it is offered by one who has so spectacularly succeeded by following his own “inner voice, heart and intuition.”

It’s true, Steve has always walked to his own tune, played his own song, and made no apologies…Steve : I wish you health, happiness and a long life…and hope for the rest of us, that your vision and abilities live on.

Image: Kirchenfenster stain glass, Top 5 holy godly Apple CEO Steve Jobs illustrations, photoshopped

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