Thursday February 22nd 2018



Seth Godin : Looks to Change the Cost of ebooks with your Help

Poke The Box from Seth Godin on Vimeo.

The Domino Project is Seth Godin’s new game changer as he launches his most recent ebook, Poke the Box.  Here’s his pitch :

How much should an ebook cost? It’s a good question. Factor in printing and sales costs, and hardcover books have a good reason to cost $20. Ebooks, though, are a whole new field and no one has figured out the right answer.

Traditionally, readers have been charged $9.99 for a book on the Kindle. What if, though, the publisher lowered the price in exchange for the audience trading some attention?

That’s what I’d like to try. The final pre-order price for the Kindle edition of Poke the Box will be determined by how many of you sign up to get our free online newsletter. We already have about 10,000 subscribers, so we’ve already lowered the price. (We started with a pre-order price of $9.99—we’re down $2). Amazon has agreed to work with me in lowering the price one more dollar for every 5,000 new people who sign up. So we’re starting at $7.99.

We’ll keep going until we hit a buck. The deadline for this experiment is the end of the day on Friday, February 18th.

For every signup, we will lower the price — all the way down to a dollar.

That way, we’ll be able to announce our new books to 50,000 of you now and then. (Of course, I’ll never rent or sell your contact information to anyone).

Well we’ve signed up, if only to see what happens with the crowdsourcing of this fascinating idea.  Calling upon your customer base to generate the demand for your product or service so that you can afford to sell it to the audience who is asking for it, for a lesser cost, while gaining a bigger share of the market.  Seth, it’s why we call you the Godin!

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