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Pictures speak a 1000 Environmental Disasters, Beautifully.

Often I’ll have an idea for my posts going into the day.  But mostly, I comb different feeds for inspiration and visual candy every morning.  Today, I was looking at Twitter and saw Simran Sethi had posted this : Pretty/ Devastating: the beauty in industrial destruction.

I knew I would not be disappointed.  The results follow, and are culled from a piece by Fast Company about the newly released book, The Day After Tomorrow by J Henry Fair.

The photos and captions speak for themselves.  Thank you Simran.

Zug Island, Michigan
A waste pit near Detroit auto factories.

Texas City, Texas
Petroleum coke is a solid, high-carbon material produced as a by-product of the oil refining process. It can serve as either an energy source or a carbon source. Fuel-grade petroleum coke is burned to produce energy used in making cement and lime, and for other industrial applications. Products that utilize petroleum coke as a carbon source include aluminum and steel.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Aerators violently agitate the waste from a pulp mill, turning the liquid to a foam, which makes patterns on the surface. This plant manufactures popular brands of paper towels and printer paper.

Wauchula, Florida
The phosphate is washed after extraction, and the by-products are consolidated and pumped out to containment impoundments, where the liquids and solids are separated. The green color is presumably algae. The red “barrels” are floats to suspend the hose on top of the liquid.

Gulf of Mexico
Many different compounds are emerging from the subaqueous Macondo well, including different types of oil. Here, two are interacting.


Zachary, Louisiana
Waste from a paper mill is agitated by aerators, producing steam and foam, which are pushed by the wind.


Photographs and captions via fastcodesign for The Day After Tomorrow by J Henry Fair, published by powerHouse Books


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  3. Solar power says:

    can’t seem to look away…environmental disasters beautifully presented in photos.

  4. Dominique says:

    indeed, on all counts.

  5. Christopher S. Johnson says:

    It’s an odd universe. If exploding stars, which likely destroy entire worlds, can be beautiful, then why not these industrial images, or electron scope captures of viruses?

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