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Steve Jobs : Health & Hope

I knew Steve Jobs in the 90’s.  It was before he went back to Apple.  He was involved with NeXT and Pixar, a new  marriage and starting a family.  He was also visioning the next phase in his life…and little did I know how deeply that would affect me and the way many of us would consume and organize our media, our businesses and our ilives.  Of course, I was saddened to hear that his health is still an issue.  And, like many, I paused to wonder at the fate of his beloved Apple, and also, why so many of us think about it and care so much.

Andy Crouch’s article, A World Without Jobs hits the nail on the head:

This is the gospel of a secular age. It has the great virtue of being based only on what we can all perceive—it requires neither revelation nor dogma. And it promises nothing it cannot deliver—since all that is promised is the opportunity to live your own unique life, a hope that is manifestly realizable since it is offered by one who has so spectacularly succeeded by following his own “inner voice, heart and intuition.”

It’s true, Steve has always walked to his own tune, played his own song, and made no apologies…Steve : I wish you health, happiness and a long life…and hope for the rest of us, that your vision and abilities live on.

Image: Kirchenfenster stain glass, Top 5 holy godly Apple CEO Steve Jobs illustrations, photoshopped

Thoughts on Pushing Fashion Boundaries in an Era Without


Feeling that you are on multiple channels, and not understanding anything clearly, seems to be a condition of modern life, and each of us deals with it differently.


From an article in the NYTimes

Polaroid & Lady Gaga come up with Grey Label

The glasses seem innovative and potentially cool…but the rest of the line is completely underwhelming!

Jonathan Harris

Hard to see what comes next.

Since August 27, 2009,  Jonathan Harris worked on a daily project to document his 30th year with a picture a day, accompanied by words.  Some days it’s just a picture with a few words…others, it a lengthy, complex, linked story.  I subscribed to his daily email.  I usually read it.

I will miss him

Levi’s jeans going waterless in a thirsty world.

Interesting take by Mssngpeces & Myoo for Levi’s waterless jeans.  Nice approach as the brand takes the lead in asking its customer to contribute a lighter footprint and give up very little.  On average, the jeans, which will cost the same as conventional ones, use 28% less water in the finishing process.  Read more….

Polaroid : the Impossible Project becomes reality.

Not long ago, Polaroid announced that it was discontinuing it’s entire Polaroid line of film, much to the chagrin of it’s die-hard fans.  Out of the ashes emerged the Impossible Project, a band of believers who promised to deliver the goods to the Polaroid disciples.  It looked to be an impossible dream, but according to the AP :  A group of engineers and enthusiasts who leased an old Polaroid film factory in the Netherlands announced Monday that they had successfully reinvented instant film and will start selling packs this week.

The film will be released starting this Thursday, March 25th.  Dreams do come true.

via : Fast Company

image : tod brilliant

Highbrow fashion meets tattoos?

Tattoo-inspired body art was shown by fashion houses as different as Rodarte and Jean Paul Gautier on their Spring 2010 runways.  And, Chanel presented its spring 2010 collection taking a much cheekier route than its usual sleek,  highbrow runway show, with some temporary tattoos.

Called Les Trompe L’Oeil de CHANEL Temporary Skin Art, these limited edition designs are based on the temporary tattoos that global creative director Peter Philips designed for the Paris runway show.

Some like it, some hate it… but it’s only an accessory, that, like art,  can be hung or placed according to your whims.  Sounds good, not risky, and fun…

Visual collaboration : Nike + Turlan

Marc Turlan for Nike

Love it when we see creative collaboration… Artist Marc Turlan,  in collaboration with Nike, commissioned by Riccardo Tisci, is a beautiful visual manifestation of this.

Artist Marc Turlan works with magazine imagery; tearing, cutting, and decontextualising paper to create disrupted works with flattened elements of the sculptural.

In collaboration with Nike and commissioned by Riccardo Tisci, Turlan turned his scalpel on two intense faces in A#8, removing everything but their confrontational glares for a figurative take on Nike Air.

12.31.09 + 1 = 2010 : a decade’s rating

Here we are on the eve of a new year, after a decade that started a new millennium, and what a decade it was.  According to the The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, for roughly two-to-one Americans, more say they have a generally negative (50%) rather than a generally positive (27%) impression of the past 10 years.  Though the overall feeling about the oughts may be less than positive, the decade did prove to move us  into cultural and technological integration in ways that stun.

The chart above (see others here) lends insight into opinions of tech and social change, and possibly where opportunity lies : green products, diversity, the internet have all emerged as changes for the better in the minds of Pew’s subjects.  That reality shows are overwhelmingly seen as a negative, is perhaps a call to action : that we embrace our own lives, tell our own stories, and harness the potential the last decade has handed to us, and make these next 10 years, the ones for the record.

Augmented Reality & Ray Ban

Ray Ban offers up an augmented reality app that makes this concept make sense… Getting beyond the gimmick and the spam, one can expand this idea out, and really begin to see the possibilities…

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