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Semantic Web : Kate Ray’s Web 3.0

Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo.

Call it what you will : the social web, linked data, the semantic web, Kate Ray offers up a lucid 14 minute video on Web 3.0 featuring some of the brilliant minds (including Tim Berners Lee) who spend lots of brain cells and plenty of time linking us together in ways we are only beginning to fathom.

Pates Tapes & how the internet makes my Friday

Every few days I have another revelation about the internet, and how living in the 21st century has so many advantages.  Today it’s about sharing, and how the generosity of one creative thinker and giver, can make so many people happy.

Enjoy this collection of hundreds of hours of music, from vinyl, to tape to you…just click and play people!  via Holiday Matinee & Pates Tapes

Comfort Food : Trathen Heckman’s wise spoken word

A few years ago

we produced this

sweet little vid

with Trathen Heckman

of Daily Acts.

The good vibration is palpable

through the pixels, and his good

words work anytime…try it!


Paola Antonelli on Humanized Technology

Huge fan of Maria Popova’s brainpickings.  Saw this video of Paola Antonelli, MoMA’s curator of Architecture and Design over there. Paola’s work heralds the coming world of design and its direction.  This vid gives us a glimpse into her thought process, and the humanizing of technology.  Brilliant.

The future of fashion? Elementum

Can six pieces transform into wearable ensembles?  Loving the line ELEMENTUM by Daniela Pais who makes the effort to find out by following three main lines: Simples, Hand made and Refine.

Their construction model aims for zero waste and that, along with their line, is extremely sexy.


Swiss Miss takes on nametags : Icebreaker tags

Tina Roth Eisenberg is a smart, creative cookie.  She runs a design firm in NYC, and edits a wonderful blog called Swiss Miss.  She also came up with a brilliant solution for those ubiquitous and annoying little necessities called name tags…only she calls them icebreaker tags. All I can say is: why didn’t I think of this?



There are people who go after your humanity, Sister,

that tell you the light in your heart is a weakness.

Don’t believe it.  It’s an old tactic of cruel people who kill

kindness in the name of virtue.

There is nothing wrong with love.


The state of the Green Attitude

In 2003, my co-founder and I were a bit ahead of the curve as we set out on a green messaging mission : providing media and marketing services to the natural products industry, and socially responsible organizations and businesses.  We had great clients, produced creative content in many mediums, and I still enjoy working and playing within the community of people who work to do good in the world.  We had a good run.  In 2009 we parted ways, and apparently it was prescient of exactly what “consumers” did too.

According to the results of the recent online Harris Poll of 2,352 U.S. adults, Americans overall are now less likely than they were in the summer of 2009 to espouse certain “green” attitudes and engage in various environmentally-friendly activities.

What is going on here?  Let’s face it, one can understand not wanting to pay a premium for discretionary products in the middle of this great recession…but to abandon simple actions…

Making an effort to use less water

Purchasing locally grown produce

Purchasing locally manufactured products

Purchasing organic products

Composting food and organic waste

REALLY?!…is my first reaction, but looking closer at the data, wonder, what IS happening?  Was it just a green bubble we were inhabiting?  Were we only talking to each other?   Well no, examples abound of sustainable businesses that are thriving in this economic environment.  In fact, more people put themselves in the category of environmentalist, green or conservationist…again, REALLY!

At the same time, according to the Pew Research Center the percentage of Americans who believe that science has produced solid evidence for global warming went from 79% in 2006 to 59% in 2010.  More Americans also favor spending more on subway, rail and bus systems (63%) and providing tax incentives for buying hybrid or electric cars, trucks and SUVs (60%).

Seems the messages are a bit confused, the actions a bit skewed and the future unclear.  And that, I suppose, has not changed much since the early 2000’s days of green…and perhaps the reason I’m not feeling so much green, as blue.

Image: Pinocchio Lie-O-Meter, H. John Maier Jr./Time Life Pictures

Steve Jobs : Health & Hope

I knew Steve Jobs in the 90’s.  It was before he went back to Apple.  He was involved with NeXT and Pixar, a new  marriage and starting a family.  He was also visioning the next phase in his life…and little did I know how deeply that would affect me and the way many of us would consume and organize our media, our businesses and our ilives.  Of course, I was saddened to hear that his health is still an issue.  And, like many, I paused to wonder at the fate of his beloved Apple, and also, why so many of us think about it and care so much.

Andy Crouch’s article, A World Without Jobs hits the nail on the head:

This is the gospel of a secular age. It has the great virtue of being based only on what we can all perceive—it requires neither revelation nor dogma. And it promises nothing it cannot deliver—since all that is promised is the opportunity to live your own unique life, a hope that is manifestly realizable since it is offered by one who has so spectacularly succeeded by following his own “inner voice, heart and intuition.”

It’s true, Steve has always walked to his own tune, played his own song, and made no apologies…Steve : I wish you health, happiness and a long life…and hope for the rest of us, that your vision and abilities live on.

Image: Kirchenfenster stain glass, Top 5 holy godly Apple CEO Steve Jobs illustrations, photoshopped

Thoughts on Pushing Fashion Boundaries in an Era Without


Feeling that you are on multiple channels, and not understanding anything clearly, seems to be a condition of modern life, and each of us deals with it differently.


From an article in the NYTimes

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