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Alex Bogusky introduces COMMON

Alex Bogusky left his post at one of the hippest ad agencies last year. What to do, what to do? Well, he’s gotten busy, and in a most interesting way. Instead of working with the past power system to create more consumerism, he moved to the Fearless Cottage and is exploring COMMON with a brand and mission that is community designed, community owned, and community directed. This should be interesting. Let’s see what happens when a branding king becomes common!

Google’s Art Project



Google may be accused of trying to own the internet, but with the thinking that went into ArtProject, I forgive them.

Explore some of the world’s finest museum collections.  “Walk” the galleries of the Hermitage, The Met, Versailles, Tate Britain, among others.

Zooming into the gorgeous high resolution photos, one realizes it would be hard to get this close in person.

Google does no evil with this one.

image: The Princess From the Land of Porcelain,
James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Tesla in action.



Had my first Tesla siting recently.  Not surprisingly it was on the 101 going south through Marin County, California…lots of green there.  And you can take that any way you want!

Tom Price Designs the PP tube #2 chair


Nice reuse idea from British designer Tom Price.  The ‘PP tube 2 chair’, part of Price’s ‘meltdown series’.

He experiments using mundane plastic products, processing them to create a collection of sculptural seating.

There are no other parts, only the melted plastic which molds to the shape of the seating.  via

Graham Hill’s LifeEdited a winner.

Watch live streaming video from lifeedited at

I’ve known of Graham Hill for many years. As one of the founders of Treehugger, he’s a rockstar in the world of sustainability. A real, live greenie who actually walks his talk, he is also lovely in person.

All that aside, I’ve been watching with interest Graham’s latest project LifeEdited. The idea stemmed from his looking at our consumerist society, noticing that family housing has gone from about 1000 square feet per family in the 50’s, to about 2300 square feet, while family size has actually shrunk.  And guess what?  All that space doesn’t make us happier. In fact, we still need about $22 billion worth of storage to store even more “stuff” that doesn’t fit in our homes.  Our personal footprints, consumerism, and credit card debt have soared. Happiness levels on the other hand, have flatlined.

Graham speculated that it was time for some editing.  Enter LifeEdited, an idea of how to live with less space and stuff, while living freer, happier, greener lives on a smaller footprint. LifeEdited was a contest to generate and further the conversation of how to solve for small space living, while making editing a positive experience.

Here’s the brief : Take a 420 square foot apartment in New York City, and design it so well, that it supports the life of a real person, one who works, eats, lives, and entertains.  The design had to support :

  • a sit-down dinner for 12
  • a comfortable lounging option for 8 people
  • space for 2 guests with some visual and ideally auditory privacy
  • a home office
  • a work area with space for a rolling tool chest
  • a hideable kitchen

Over 300 designers entered.  The work, thought, and feedback fed the contest to create over 6000 images and videos.  70,000 votes made the final choices. 600,000 pageviews later, the winners were announced. 

The jury selected One Size Fits All, and the first-place community winner was Michelangelo of TAAC.  You can check out all the entries here, and decide for yourself if crowdsourcing architecture/interior design is prescient of things to come.

Given that in 2004, Graham anticipated the burgeoning interest in green, and then sold Treehugger to the Discovery Channel for $10million, my bet is that he’s on to something. And that something is deeper, and potentially more world-changing : crowdsourcing solutions, and bringing attention in a big way to the everyday needs of a maxed out society.  Potentially it may be just what we need: our lives edited.

Picture of the day…no one curse.


Fred & Rita Fade into You


Happy Sunday Peeps…a little mashup of some favorites…Mazzy star, Rita Hayworth & Fred Astaire…perfection.


Beauty in the details…

Visiting my local shoe repair shop is always a treat…Michael,

the Apple Cobbler is endlessly fascinating, and his shop holds

details that constantly inspire me.  Just moving 2 degrees over

from my usual view, usually is enough to spy a decent shot.

The Apple Cobbler's Gears

YouTube Innovations : interactive video

Well it was bound to happen, afterall,  people are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily. Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.  Every MINUTE!

With those kind of numbers, innovation is bound to happen…and it has.  Mashable has a nice collection of videos that take us to the next level of video on demand.  You can just imagine the sublime possibility of a contemporary game of exquisite corpse or the marketers dream of treasure hunts for products and services.  Nonetheless, it’s here, and from the looks of it, this is just the beginning of a whole new level of interacting with everyday media.

Check out my favorite which is simple, kinda old-school, but holding the possibility of a whole new way of experiencing video online.

Thoughts on a new year.

Every New Year people get the nerve to start things.  The promise to begin exercise and diet changes, improve work habits, whatever it is we say we are going to begin anew.  The year’s new number gives us permission to begin.  I doubt any of us are immune, though I can think of many times I thought I was.

This year is different.  I came to 2011 in neutral.  Many of us survived the last few challenging years feeling a bit wrung out.  In this new year, I wanted to feel a positive pull, while at the same time, checking for a negative vibe :


Then it started.  2011, off and running, and time behaving much as in recent years, a little too fast.  I find myself at the last day of January, and suddenly, here it is:


It just seemed to appear on the horizon, moving closer and closer into focus.  Clients a little less concerned with lack of money, friends welcoming babies and starting new lives.  My blogging venture met with surprising amounts of traffic and support.  Opportunities to travel and collaborate on creative and meaningful projects.

Perhaps it was there all the time, perhaps I was just living in its wake, not the flow.  Looking around, there are signs.  Time to lift it.

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