Sunday October 26th 2014



The Hunger Games Trailer Starring Barbie & Crew

The Hunger Games meme has been released. And as a cultural touchstone it had to fall on others. Barbie stars in her own trailer for the film. And she brings along some of her friends.

Hack of the day: 1919 folding camera & Canon 5D

Gorgeousness from the almost hundred year old lens of a Piccolette Contessa-Nettel (1919) folding camera hacked onto the photographer  Jason Bognack‘s Canon 5D.

More photos on the artist’s blog todaystomorrow via thenextweb

Video of the Day: SOLIPSIST – Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

According to Merriam Webster the definition of SOLIPSISM is:

a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing;  also : extreme egocentrism

In Andrew Huang’s version, which won Special Jury Prize at the Slamdance Film Festival 2012, we get a chance to see his vision.  And it’s beautiful, strange, haunting resonance leaves us with a deeper understanding of the word.

His career started when his dark sci-fi short film “Doll Face” went viral on YouTube, earning him attention from J.J. Abrams, William Morris Endeavor and numerous international festivals and galleries.

His work has been featured at Cannes Emerging Filmmaker Showcase, SIGGRAPH’s Electronic Theater, the Annecy International Film Festival, MOCA Taipei, ZKM Media Museum, as well as various publications including Motionographer, DAZED & CONFUSED, and Creativity Magazine’s “Directors to Watch.”

We can see why.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Scott Scheidly & Mixing Reality

The art of Scott Scheidly seems apropos of wishing our readers a Happy Valentine’s Day.  May your hearts grow loveliness today and always.

See more work by Scott Scheidly at Hi*Fructose.

Video of the Day – The Wrinkles Of The City, Los Angeles by JR


JR is a French conceptual artist who works in the streets hanging massive photos in public spaces.  His art has transcended the streets with shows at Tate Modern and Centre Pompidou.  In 2011 he won a TED prize, and Forbes Magazine has featured him in their 30 Under 30.  At mixingreality we love him too, and have written about his work here and here.

So when Hustler of Culture pointed us in the direction of this new video about his work in Los Angeles, we had to share.


His Facebook page featured this post:
JR told me that he sometimes thinks that the act of pasting is as important to his art as the images themselves, and I could understand why: pasting is a communal and tactile experience, and when it is done illegally or on a low budget there is an element of danger to it. I took some iPhone pictures of the crew… Raffi Khatchadourian (journalist/photographer)

Bravo JR.  Perhaps it is precisely your connection to the humanity of your work that keeps us wanting more.

Top image via aas1988 on Instagram.  Bottom image via The Slant on Tumbler.

Do Not Covet Your Ideas: Give Away Everything You Know


It is an interesting thought, and perhaps counter-intuitive for most of us to give our ideas away.  In fact, in the creative world, ideas make the world go round.  And get us paid.  But it is something I have noticed:  The more you give, the more you get in this ever changing world of trends, images and ideas.

Here is to a New Year filled with creativity; enough to go around…and then some.

Thanks to this isn’t happiness for the inspiration.

Holstee Manifesto : Lifecycle Video


The creatives at Holstee have tapped into something.  Their manifesto for life seems to have ignited a subculture to remember that: 

Life is short.  Live your dream and share your passion.

(it has been viewed over 50,000,000 times!)

In keeping with the vibe of their graphic,  (which is available as an 18×24″ poster printed on 100% recycled post-consumer paper, locally made with hydro-electric power and benefiting Kiva, as well as a letterpress card printed on handmade acid-free paper derived from 50% elephant poo and 50% recycled paper). Holstee released a video.  It visualizes beautifully, the manifesto, with a suggestion that bikes can help you manifest the dream.  We couldn’t agree more.



A Collaborative Process: Laurel Roth & Andy Diaz Hope

All of the work is intended to question what it means to be human on this evolutionary path through time.  ~  Laurel Roth & Andy Diaz Hope

Together Laurel Roth and Andy Diaz Hope represent an ideal of artistic collaboration.  They not only make artwork together, they co-create two artists’ live/work cooperatives (one in San Francisco and one in Sonoma County), raise farm animals, and are life partners.  Seeing the work they make, collaboratively and separately, brings a glint of amazement to the eye.  Whether a fantastical sculpture or a beautifully placed column of redwood salvaged from their forest property, they have amazing vision and an even more amazing combined work ethic.

First up is Roth’s latest in a series of peacocks called, Beauty, 2011.  Utilizing fake fingernails, barrettes, false eyelashes, nail polish, costume jewelry, walnut, and Swarovski crystal Roth presents us with an undeniably over-the-top notion of beauty from decidedly man-made objects of feminine decoration.

Reflected off of Diaz Hope’s Geode, 2011 and Centering Device #4 2011 we sense the collaboration starting to come together with objects encouraging contemplation and self-observation.

It’s in The Reflection Engine where their combined efforts create the magic to be realized in their upcoming exhibition titled 2011.

The piece...”takes the form of an elaborately carved walnut wardrobe, the inside of which is mirrored like a crystal geode in which you can sit, door closed, and surround yourself with self-reflections in an ever expanding infinity.

The artists describe the exhibit which opens at Schroeder Romero & Shredder Gallery in New York on November 17th:

Our show, titled 2011, uses the tableau of a grotto to explore the odyssey and definition of humankind. This grotto was conceptualized with an eye to the longstanding relationship of humankind to caves and the millennia of slow processes that created them even before modern man started his own development towards the present.  Grottos are different than caves, though they allude to them. A grotto is a mix of the sacred and the profane – by definition it is artificial to some degree, a man-made enclosure representing the inner world of humankind and intended to mimic an idealized and mythologized underworld. They are spaces meant for relaxation, contemplation, mythology, and sometimes worship.

Juxtaposed among these crystal formations, Roth’s carved wood and cast brass primate skulls highlight the evolutionary changes that brought about the numinous transformation into modern humankind. Carved wooden skulls and bones of animals that evolved alongside of us, first hunted and then eventually domesticated, bred, and controlled by humans for use as food are displayed near these offshoots of our own evolutionary path.

Along their evolutionary paths as artists, Roth and Diaz Hope continue to grow, and with them, our expectations of what is down the road for us, as created by them.


Be Guy Fawkes with OWS Bandana by Matthew Borgatti

Matthew Borgatti has done a lot of things: building movie monsters, prototyping, teaching, graphic design, illustration, product design, and fashion. He’s currently working on a gigantic mobile pipe organ.

After seeing protests erupt all over the world I wanted to make something that could change the game a little. I want people to be able to protest with OWS without the risk of being fired for showing solidarity. I wanted to make something useful, portable, something that could make the biggest difference to the most people. I came up with this mask.

It’s a foldable Guy Fawkes bandana that can be worn as a full or half face mask. It’s printed with safe sane protesting advice about dealing with police, sharing your location, who to call in the event of legal troubles, and more.

He’s selling them on his Etsy store, with one donated to an OWS branch around the world for each one sold.

Found this via Molly Crabapple who is the “least convincing black bloc anarchist ever.

The bandana though is a wonder of design.   Besides the Guy Fawkes mask, there’s the numbers of the Lawyers Guild and ACLU, tear-gas neutralizing techniques, and instructions on how to deal with the police all woven into the filigree.  One of the most beautiful object-as-objects I’ve ever seen.”


So Yoon Lym’s Cornrows: Paintings of Hair & Braids

Cruising through the internet the other day, I was stopped short by Yoon Lym’s paintings of women’s cornrows.  The arresting portraits of women’s hair and braids, and the work that goes into the styles, made me want to study the intricate patterns and lines of shape.

Lym, who is Korean, speaks about her journey as an artist:

Although I was born in Seoul, Korea, I lived in Kenya and Uganda for the first seven years of my life. Since then, I have lived in various parts of northern NJ. When I was 15, I made a life changing decision by studying with Korean exiled painter, Ung No Lee in Normandy, France. I discovered that summer how art was inextricably tied to nature and my life.

I started this series of hair and braid paintings in the summer of 2008 for a group show that I was in…These acrylic on paper hair and braid patterns are based on photos I have taken of students and strangers I have come across in Paterson, New Jersey where I have worked for the past 9 years.


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