Sunday February 25th 2018



Mua Mua mashes up Waldorf with Lady Gaga

Mua Mua

Top: Anna Wintour & Donatella Versace

Bottom: Lady Gaga & Coco Chanel

“Mua Mua is a line of hand-knit dolls crafted on the island of Bali in their ‘Warhol-inspired’ factory. Designer, Ludovica Virga, creates playful representations of fashion figures and celebrities with the help of the local community including the likes of Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Lady Gaga. Mua Mua aims to give the young women who help knit these high fashion poupettes an opportunity for a university education.”  via aha life

Indeed, though it looks like Ludovica mashed up the Waldorforian aesthetic with contemporary culture in a fresh, unique take.  Wethinks Coco Chanel would approve.

Hear the story in the video below:

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