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James Kerr AKA Scorpion Dagger Turns Animated GIFS into Augmented Reality Book

“I like the idea of these people bumbling around the world and having fun, and not taking life too seriously.”

At first, I was just looking for images without copyrights on them! It was maybe a few months into Scorpion Dagger when I realized that I kept going back to the Renaissance art, and started thinking that maybe there was something to it.

Slowly, I developed this idea of using these old paintings to create a world where the characters on the canvas would leave the museum and go home to this place I created for them. It’s actually a pretty natural fit for me because I’m fairly politically inclined, and the nature of these paintings lends perfectly to some of the critiques of things like religion and modernity that I’d like to explore.

From an article on The Creator’s Project.

So goes the thought process behind James Kerr’s world; a place drawing from classical imagery, married to modernity with hilarity.

In the next iteration of Kerr’s world, he partners with Anteism, a small Canadian publishing company, which works closely with artists to produce and publish seamless hand-made artist books. They also one of the first art book publishers to integrate augmented reality with  publications.


Kerr and Anteism currently have a Kickstarter campaign going to raise funds to produce two editions of Scorpion Dagger.

A 6”x9” softcover augmented reality book + app and a limited edition 8”x10” signed hardcover with leatherette case. With the use of a special app and tablet/phone the images on the page come to life with Kerr’s animations.

Check out the video for the campaign:

Oh, and be sure to get over to Scorpian Dagger for more of the animated GIF action.

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