Tuesday January 23rd 2018



H&M goes for Eco with Conscious Collection

Slated to launch in time for Earth Day, H&M’s Conscious Collection appears to be more than a flavor-of-the month foray into the ecosphere.  Seems that there is critical consumer mass enough  to pursue the line as an ongoing collection to recur throughout the seasons. And with their use of organic cotton, organic linen, Tencel, recycled polyester, and repurposed wool, they certainly have seasonal choices. To be taken seriously, they will need them. H&M has had plenty of criticism for its business model of disposable fashion.  See here, there, & more.  So it makes sense that the market would be a decision driver on this one.  Poking around their site, this video begins to speak to some of their efforts to move into corporate responsibility with regards to their footprint.

But in the end, it all comes down to fashion, and whether or not they can sell the idea to the streets. Let’s wish them the best, and hope that their immense influence can shift massive waste from the landfill, and keep significant amounts of pesticides out of the water table for more than the Spring 2011 collection.

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