Thursday February 22nd 2018



Guitar Oscillations Filmed From Inside by an iPhone 4

Fascinating and simple. YouTuber justkylevids dropped his iPhone 4 inside his guitar out of curiosity. The effect he achieved was pure wonderment. It looks like we are watching the actual strings vibrate, when in fact, we are witnessing the “Rolling Shutter effect”.  The camera uses a CMOS censor which causes a distortion in the image caused by the type of camera used to film it.  Delightful.

via my SU friends RJJ & TapwaterJ

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  3. Dominique says:

    wow jason, you are absolutely right! thanks, it will be changed presently.

  4. Jason Dahlen says:

    Alright the title of this article is misleading. I had no idea what you meant. The guitar is NOT inside the iPhone 4. The title should either read “Guitar Oscillations Filmed From Inside on iPhone 4” or better yet “Guitar Oscillations Filmed From Inside with/by an iPhone 4.”

    Great video though.

  5. Logan Hahn says:

    Gotta love Eric Clapton Unplugged. Oh, and nice video.

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