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Creative mastery : Louboutin’s shoes + Lippman’s photos inspire classic re-inventions for the art and fashion savvy

Shoe guru Christian Louboutin and photographer Peter Lippman have once again put their creative genius together for these stunning works of art.  Each shoe, inspired by an old masterpiece painting, was cast to reflect the character of the model and divert the classic nature of that time period with realism and modernity.

Shoes Madame Pigalili in the pocket and Catalina / photo: Lippman


Francois Clouet - "Elizabeth of Austria"

Nearly two years after their first collaboration this new campaign is set for their lookbook for Fall/Winter 2011.

“Purple shoes” photo : Lippman

Francisco De Zurbaran - "Saint Dorothy"

"Tootsie's Boots" photo : Lippman

James McNeil Whistler - "Whistler's Mother"

"Balda booty" photo : Lippman

Marie-Guilleme Benoit – Portrait d’une Negresse

“The historic models depicted within the gallery embody the spirit of the Christian Louboutin woman; each portrait acts as a setting for key creations from the upcoming collection twinned with the artist whose individual technique and subject defines their distinct character.”

A beautiful collaboration that has many elements we love : fashion, art, photography and beauty….

Credits: Photography Peter Lippmann, Concept Gonford Jerome, Styling Catherine Gorne, Prop Styling Annie Bodin, Hair / Make-Up Jean Pierre Canavate, Casting Duperrin Olivier, Art DirectionJeffrey Blunden, Models Trissan Polas, Sterenn Nogues, Karoma lippmann Kelly, Lia Catreux , Francoise de Stael and Karen Assayag, Retouching Toulomond Patrick and Lillian Joy, Printers & Print Model Fot Paris)


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5 Responses to “Creative mastery : Louboutin’s shoes + Lippman’s photos inspire classic re-inventions for the art and fashion savvy”

  1. TJ says:

    Nice! I really like this concept.

  2. Michele Lott says:

    Aside from the fabulous lighting + set design, the styling of fabric alone is exquisitely done.

  3. Dominique says:

    agreed, every aspect…shaun bybee found that one, and graced us with its presence. oh, and that first model looks a little like andi, tod!

  4. Tod Brilliant says:

    Fantastic. Really and truly… such quality work.

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