Monday January 22nd 2018



Christopher Adams : Natural Selection at Hosfelt Gallery NYC

On view through Friday, 5 August, 2011 at Todd Hosfelt’s New York space is Christopher Adams’ exhibition, Natural Section. Presented as an installation of over 700 ceramic objects, the works:  play on the concept in biological speciation called “adaptive radiation,” in which a pioneering organism enters a relatively untapped environment, reproducing profusely while differentiating rapidly and extensively.  At the same time, the organism never departs too dramatically from the original form.

photo credit : DitMartian

Certainly we feel the presence of fertility when we see the installation photos.  And yet, something is not quite “natural” about it.  Nonetheless, the pieces are exquisite, and their ode to the ecologic world makes us wish we were in New York this week to see the Boston-based artist’s work.  Adams graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, where he majored in organismic and evolutionary biology.  It shows.

photo credit : DitMartian

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