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Evan Drolet Cook : Places I Haven’t Been (North »

Evan Drolet Cook : Places I Haven’t Been (North America)

This piece by Evan Drolet Cook got me thinking about perception, and hubris, and how for the most part, our reputation around the world has the taint of arrogance and naïveté when it comes to world view.  Obviously, for some of us, this is not the case, but in general, Cook's rendition of the North American map is a good reminder of all we [...]

Get Cake Homie »

Get Cake Homie

Somehow this just seems a good way to send best wishes for a happy 4th of July weekend to all our peeps worldwide.  Enjoy! via

Creative mastery : Louboutin’s shoes + »

Creative mastery : Louboutin’s shoes + Lippman’s photos inspire classic re-inventions for the art and fashion savvy

Shoe guru Christian Louboutin and photographer Peter Lippman have once again put their creative genius together for these stunning works of art.  Each shoe, inspired by an old masterpiece painting, was cast to reflect the character of the model and divert the classic nature of that time period with realism and [...]

Giles Revell’s Emphemeral Photographic Musings : »

Giles Revell’s Emphemeral Photographic Musings : Bubbles, Flora & Insects

Call it what you will, conceptual art, graphic design or photography, Giles Revell's gaze can rest on the ephemeral nature of things. According to him: Influenced by fine art and conceptualism, Giles Revell’s work is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of graphic, ideas-based imagery and the different ways in which photographic [...]

Petrovsky & Ramone : Love, A Photo »

Petrovsky & Ramone : Love, A Photo

On a late Friday night, following the many threads that mix my reality, I see this image by Petrovsky & Ramone.  How I came upon it is another story, but my response was immediate : I must have it.  Love. via    

Pictures speak a 1000 Environmental Disasters, »

Pictures speak a 1000 Environmental Disasters, Beautifully.

Often I'll have an idea for my posts going into the day.  But mostly, I comb different feeds for inspiration and visual candy every morning.  Today, I was looking at Twitter and saw Simran Sethi had posted this : Pretty/ Devastating: the beauty in industrial destruction. I knew I would not be disappointed.  The results follow, and are [...]

Top 10 posts on : May, 2011 – »

Top 10 posts on : May, 2011 – June, 2011

It was an eclectic month at  We would be remiss if we didn't mention our most crowd pleasing post for the second month running : Spike Jonze's capture of Yo-Yo Ma and Lil Buck which continues to enchant our readers, after which a number of eco-design posts held the top spots.  They ranged from upcycled newspaper wood [...]

Knitwear-meets-fashion with Michaela Buerger »

Knitwear-meets-fashion with Michaela Buerger

Michaela Buerger who is currently based in Paris, began knitting before she learned to write.  She learned the craft of knitting in a small village in Austria and later discovered her love of fashion while studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna under the tutelage of Raf Simmons. The world of high fashion beckoned and she now [...]

Picture of the Day : Camille Seaman’s Mammatus »

Picture of the Day : Camille Seaman’s Mammatus Clouds

As you may know from our post last week, Camille Seaman is a photographer who goes after the nature shot.  Her photographic eulogies to the iceberg's death march are things of beauty.  Scanning my Facebook feed this morning I came across this shot she took in North Dakota  while chasing storms recently.    This one, of mammatus clouds at [...]

TED Fellow : Camille Seaman’s The Last Iceberg »

TED Fellow : Camille Seaman’s The Last Iceberg Photos

According to 2011 TED Fellow, Camille Seaman: The Last Iceberg is one piece of a larger project entitled "Melting Away" which documents the polar regions of our planet, their environments, life forms, history of human exploration and the communities that work and live there. Nick Cave once sang, "All things move toward their end." [...]

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