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University Course: Wasting Time on the Internet »

University Course: Wasting Time on the Internet

Dr. Kenneth Goldsmith mirrors an idea whose time may have come: I’m so tired of reading, every time you pick up a paper, on how bad the Web is," he told the Washington Post. "I don’t think that’s true. I think the Internet is making us smarter. So he has set out to make an academic point.  Poet, UbuWeb founder and [...]

ManServants.co Need We Say More? »

ManServants.co Need We Say More?

What do women really want?  It's a question for the ages.  And in this age, this idea started back when co-founders Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah were working at advertising agency AKQA. “We hired men to act as body guards for our bosses as a joke." “One guy was actually a male stripper but we wanted him to just pretend he was [...]

James Kerr AKA Scorpion Dagger Turns Animated GIFS »

“I like the idea of these people bumbling around the world and having fun, and not taking life too seriously.” At first, I was just looking for images without copyrights on them! It was maybe a few months into Scorpion Dagger when I realized that I kept going back to the Renaissance art, and started thinking that maybe there was something [...]

Mua Mua mashes up Waldorf with Lady Gaga »

Mua Mua mashes up Waldorf with Lady Gaga

Top: Anna Wintour & Donatella Versace Bottom: Lady Gaga & Coco Chanel "Mua Mua is a line of hand-knit dolls crafted on the island of Bali in their ‘Warhol-inspired’ factory. Designer, Ludovica Virga, creates playful representations of fashion figures and celebrities with the help of the local community including the likes of Anna [...]

Word on Wednesday: A Week’s Finds »

Word on Wednesday: A Week’s Finds

I read a lot of articles on the internet.  In fact, the last book I read was a re-read of Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird.  Not surprisingly it was an article that reminded me of how that book inspired me to write more. Usually by Wednesday, I've sent a number of emails to clients and colleagues with a list of links that remind me of them.  So, [...]

Food Porn: The World’s Newest Obsession »

Food Porn:  The World’s Newest Obsession

I live  in Foodie-Ville. Sonoma County, California is known for its access to the world's most beautiful, biodynamic, Demeter-approved, organic, humanely-produced, preciously prepared and ingested culinary perfection.  So I'm accustomed to seeing lots of social media food porn. But really, how many pictures can we take of pizza, pasta, [...]

July 4th Afterthoughts: Andy Warhol on American »

  “Everybody has their own America, and then they have pieces of a fantasy America that they think is out there but they can’t see. So the fantasy corners of America, you’ve pieced them together from scenes in movies and music and lines from books. And you live in your dream America that you’ve custom-made from art and schmaltz and [...]

The Neglect of a Loved One: Back to MixingReality »

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you.  Whether it's getting to the taxes that you filed an extension for, touching up the roots on your do, or finally getting the house painted after many years of hemming and hawing about costs and colors...time marches on. So with no excuses, only time passing, I am back to my blog here at [...]

Snail Mail My Email Inspires the Written Word »

Snail Mail My Email Inspires the Written Word

I'm a letter and card writer.  Though, as I spend more and more time communicating online, less and less do I send snail mail.  So this idea is interesting, and may in fact inspire me to create this type of expression more. As its creators describe it: Snail Mail My Email is a month-long (July 15 - August 15), interactive community [...]

Top 10 post on mixingreality.com : July 2011 – »

Top 10 post on mixingreality.com : July 2011 – August 2011

Ranging from the musical and visual wonder of oscillating guitar strings to cameos carved from the creamy center of Oreo cookies, last month's top posts are eclectic, though with one consistent thread, almost all of them are art oriented. Thank you for continuing to surprise us with your enthusiasm and support.  This month, we will be [...]

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