Thursday February 22nd 2018



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3D photo app by unit9 »

3D photo app by unit9

There is little argument that technology permits creativity to proliferate at an unprecedented pace these days.  Manipulators of media have so many choices.  We dilettantes benefit greatly.  In doing research for this post, I came across the digital creative production company unit9.  They are doing some crazy, fun stuff, including [...]

Attraction : Site of the Day via FWA »

Attraction : Site of the Day via FWA

Check the gorgeous anime and the engaging visual experience on the fwa's site of the day :  Attraction.  An experimental, interactive experience, the site was created to warn French teens of the dangers of smoking.  Created by DDB Paris, Koji Morimoto, unit9.  The lush, painterly quality gives one pause to consider the sheer talent that went [...]

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