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Steve Jobs : Health & Hope »

Steve Jobs : Health & Hope

I knew Steve Jobs in the 90's.  It was before he went back to Apple.  He was involved with NeXT and Pixar, a new  marriage and starting a family.  He was also visioning the next phase in his life...and little did I know how deeply that would affect me and the way many of us would consume and organize our media, our businesses and our [...]

Polaroid & Lady Gaga come up with Grey Label »

The glasses seem innovative and potentially cool...but the rest of the line is completely underwhelming! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5q0YGoQJ1Q

Augmented Reality & Ray Ban »

Ray Ban offers up an augmented reality app that makes this concept make sense... Getting beyond the gimmick and the spam, one can expand this idea out, and really begin to see the possibilities... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag7H4YScqZs&feature=player_embedded

Likemind : and how it inspired Mixing Reality »

Likemind : and how it inspired Mixing Reality

Our friends Piers Fawkes and Noah Brier successful bloggers in New York decided that meeting for coffee would be a meeting of their like minds....they mentioned it on their respective blogs, set a date, and 20 people showed up they had never met before....Now likemind takes place all over the world, in over 65 locations on the same date every [...]

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