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Forget the Super Bowl it’s all about the »

Forget the Super Bowl it’s all about the Commercials on YouTube

Even if you didn't watch the game, you can view all the ads, and vote for your favorites over on YouTube. There was a time when Apple ran theirs, only once, and at the big game. And now Motorola uses it against them. They [...]

Paris Underground : A world unto itself »

Paris Underground : A world unto itself

National Geographic and NPR united to produce a documentary on the “cataphiles” or spelunkers who travel through the dark side of the City of Light.   The  illegal tradition attracts artists, party people and the curious into the 180 miles of catacombs that exist under the Paris streets. Check the video below to see the [...]

Alex Bogusky introduces COMMON »

Alex Bogusky introduces COMMON

Alex Bogusky left his post at one of the hippest ad agencies last year. What to do, what to do? Well, he's gotten busy, and in a most interesting way. Instead of working with the past power system to create more consumerism, he moved to the Fearless Cottage and is exploring COMMON with a brand and mission that is community designed, community [...]

Graham Hill’s LifeEdited a winner. »

Watch live streaming video from lifeedited at I've known of Graham Hill for many years. As one of the founders of Treehugger, he's a rockstar in the world of sustainability. A real, live greenie who actually walks his talk, he is also lovely in person. All that aside, I've been watching with interest Graham's latest project [...]

Thoughts on a new year. »

Every New Year people get the nerve to start things.  The promise to begin exercise and diet changes, improve work habits, whatever it is we say we are going to begin anew.  The year's new number gives us permission to begin.  I doubt any of us are immune, though I can think of many times I thought I was. This year is different.  I came to [...]

Semantic Web : Kate Ray’s Web 3.0 »

Semantic Web : Kate Ray’s Web 3.0

Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo. Call it what you will : the social web, linked data, the semantic web, Kate Ray offers up a lucid 14 minute video on Web 3.0 featuring some of the brilliant minds (including Tim Berners Lee) who spend lots of brain cells and plenty of time linking us together in ways we are only beginning to fathom.

Paola Antonelli on Humanized Technology »

Huge fan of Maria Popova's brainpickings.  Saw this video of Paola Antonelli, MoMA’s curator of Architecture and Design over there. Paola's work heralds the coming world of design and its direction.  This vid gives us a glimpse into her thought process, and the humanizing of technology.  Brilliant.

The state of the Green Attitude »

The state of the Green Attitude

In 2003, my co-founder and I were a bit ahead of the curve as we set out on a green messaging mission : providing media and marketing services to the natural products industry, and socially responsible organizations and businesses.  We had great clients, produced creative content in many mediums, and I still enjoy working and playing within the [...]

Steve Jobs : Health & Hope »

Steve Jobs : Health & Hope

I knew Steve Jobs in the 90's.  It was before he went back to Apple.  He was involved with NeXT and Pixar, a new  marriage and starting a family.  He was also visioning the next phase in his life...and little did I know how deeply that would affect me and the way many of us would consume and organize our media, our businesses and our [...]

Thoughts on Pushing Fashion Boundaries in an Era »

Thoughts on Pushing Fashion Boundaries in an Era Without

  Feeling that you are on multiple channels, and not understanding anything clearly, seems to be a condition of modern life, and each of us deals with it differently.   From an article in the NYTimes

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