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Attraction : Site of the Day via FWA »

Attraction : Site of the Day via FWA

Check the gorgeous anime and the engaging visual experience on the fwa's site of the day :  Attraction.  An experimental, interactive experience, the site was created to warn French teens of the dangers of smoking.  Created by DDB Paris, Koji Morimoto, unit9.  The lush, painterly quality gives one pause to consider the sheer talent that went [...]

Google’s Art Project »

Google’s Art Project

   Google may be accused of trying to own the internet, but with the thinking that went into ArtProject, I forgive them. Explore some of the world's finest museum collections.  "Walk" the galleries of the Hermitage, The Met, Versailles, Tate Britain, among others. Zooming into the gorgeous high resolution photos, one [...]

Via @davestewart »

Via @davestewart

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. Francis Bacon

Jonathan Harris »

Jonathan Harris

Since August 27, 2009,  Jonathan Harris worked on a daily project to document his 30th year with a picture a day, accompanied by words.  Some days it's just a picture with a few words...others, it a lengthy, complex, linked story.  I subscribed to his daily email.  I usually read it. I will miss him...

Visual collaboration : Nike + Turlan »

Visual collaboration : Nike + Turlan

Love it when we see creative collaboration... Artist Marc Turlan,  in collaboration with Nike, commissioned by Riccardo Tisci, is a beautiful visual manifestation of this. Artist Marc Turlan works with magazine imagery; tearing, cutting, and decontextualising paper to create disrupted works with flattened elements of the sculptural. In [...]

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