Thursday February 22nd 2018



CAN we build sculptures one can-at-a-time to help world hunger?

Canstruction® is… by using one can as a catalyst for change. One can to represent the building blocks of these massive sculptures. One can to prove that every act of kindness makes a difference. Through the generosity of volunteers, celebrity judges, and members of the community, Canstruction® has contributed millions of pounds of food to community food banks – demonstrating that we can win the fight against hunger.
Canstruction has grown to become one of the largest contributors to food banks in the world. Since its humble beginning in 1992, Canstruction has held design/build competitions in over 140 cities  world-wide donating over 15 million pounds of canned food to alleviate the plague of hunger and malnutrition.
The creative and design communities play a pivotal role in this larger endeavor, such as developing new ways to broadly communicate quality nutritional practices, and seeking and nurturing partnerships with organizations and individuals who propose and advocate innovative hunger relief strategies, showing that “One CAN Make A Difference.”

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