Sunday February 25th 2018



Anthony Lister : Street Art in Berlin

Anthony Lister is an Australian artist living in New York.  Working as a street artist on projects that are sometimes “uncommissioned”, Lister has a style that is engaging and immediate.  See the video by Pindarodge which documents a recent trip to Berlin, where Lister was invited to create a show with one week to prepare.

Lister utilized an abandoned sanatorium to paint a pool, with a twist.

Anthony Lister in Berlin from rodgezooi on Vimeo.

Take a look at some of Lister’s other work from the not so distant past, to get a sense of his intuitive and somewhat biting style.


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2 Responses to “Anthony Lister : Street Art in Berlin”

  1. Dominique says:

    i like that one too gavin. that is a photo of him moving in front of the piece, making it even more provocative!

  2. Gavin Hudson says:

    wicked street art. my fav’s probably the first one. if I have my art history right it seems influenced by cubism because the motion in the figure shows time, making it kind of 4d. 

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