Sunday February 25th 2018

about mixing reality & how to find us.

why mixing reality?

the world is changing…rapidly.   passions have deepened.

in business, as in life, we put ourselves right into the heart of
the things we are curious and passionate about :

  • trends
  • culture
  • the social web
  • global connections to hyper-local events
  • creative production

what mixing reality does

trend research and reporting

  • we  work with global agencies and brands as trendwatchers, and reporters
  • we write on influential trends in the marketplace

digital and content strategy

  • we  strategize and produce creative content
  • we work with teams, and know how to get the best out of people
  • we have a conscience and work our values

social media

  • we know how to get conversations started and create buzz

social design

  • we produce online opportunities for offline events that people talk about
  • we know what to do with the conversations generated

strategy & presence

  • web strategy and presence
  • social media and marketing strategy
  • messaging strategy
  • story telling & video production

clients ask us to produce content for them

  • websites, apps, & social media properties
  • video storytelling
  • marketing materials, branding & packaging
  • events and real-time storytelling opportunities


we help brands tell stories that people want to hear,  because likeminds find each other.


How we got here –

in 2003,  dominique pacheco co-founded a business called root concepts,

an internet marketing and video production company specializing in the

natural products industry and sustainable business.

in this new era, our dream is that the restorative nature of nature

will guide us to the big solutions : that sustainability will be built into

our expectations of infrastructures, companies and products.

we live in unprecedented times.  anything is possible,  and as the mixing

of reality continues to change us, the collaborative nature of the web, and

the ability to communicate through it and with it, will continue to evolve

our ideas about culture, business and the very nature of reality.

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