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Seventh Generation changes packaging to paper.

When Jeffrey Hollender was fired from Seventh Generation in November, 2010, after two decades taking his company to a $150 million dollar game changer, I was incredibly pessimistic.  Hollender, is a staunch defender of the planet, at the same time, a staunchly, outspoken critic of consumerism and our broken systems.  Surely, the company might perhaps tow the status quo, but certainly fail to innovate on a scale that Hollender envisioned.  Well Seventh Generation has taken a bold step,and a decent one.

On Friday, Seventh Generation will announce plans to roll out a laundry detergent bottle made from 100% recycled cardboard and newspaper.

“If this kind of creativity was applied to all products at the grocery store, it would be a huge win for the environment,” says Gwen Ruta of the Environmental Defense Fund.

The bottle still has a plastic cap, but boasts 66% less plastic than conventional laundry bottles, and can be ripped in half, and recycled with newspapers. There is a plastic bag inside which can be recycled many places, as well.

Perhaps, another game changer…P&G are you listening?


update 3.11.11 :

Take a look at the iPhone inspiration of Seventh Generation’s new packaging created by Julie Corbett of Ecologic Brands.

As we wait for more news on Hollender himself, take a look at this video that Fast Company posted after his dismissal, and see for yourself the kind of activist heart that beats within this innovator.

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  1. Dominique says:

    i’ve suggested to a number of people that they put pressure on their cleaning products manufacturers to change their packaging. it would be great to get traction with this idea, and reduce plastics by more than 60% in their packaging. the company who manufactures this is ecologic brands…their facebook page is here :!/EcologicBrands
    thanks for the support michele!

  2. Michele says:

    wow wOw WOW. hurray for 7th G!

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